There are only a few pieces of equipment used in curling which makes the barrier of entry relatively low for new players joining a club. Most clubs like ours supply that equipment for new players so you can start playing immediately without a monetary purchase early on.

Curling Stones

Curling stones are made from granite and weigh approximately 42 lbs. each. There is a handle located on the top of each stone which allows the player to grip it as well as rotate it while delivering it to the other end. This rotation allows the stone to “curl” once it begins to slow down. The bottom of each stone is concave leaving a pocket of air between it and the ice with the exception of a slim ring approximately ¼ inch in thickness. The stones are provided at all curling clubs due to the cost of them ($300-$500 each).

Curling Brushes

Curlers will use brushes to “sweep” in front of the stone as their team delivers it towards the opposite house. The act of sweeping slightly melts the ice and helps the stone travel further down the ice with less curl to it. Brushes are also generally provide by most clubs for new players.

Curling Delivery Stick

The delivery stick allows stones to be delivered from a standing position, a wheelchair or anyone with mobility issues. Most clubs will have at least one if not multiples for players to use.


The majority or professional curlers will use their brooms in their non-dominate hand for stability while delivering stones. For new players that might not be comfortable or offer enough. Most clubs will have stabilizers for players to use. These can take the form of a heavy plastic or wood.

Curling Shoes

Curlers can where normal shoes but perhaps the best purchase an aspiring curler can purchase on their own is a pair of curling shoes. These shoes have one sole with a thick Teflon pad on it which allows the player to slide while delivering the stones. They also come with a gripper that will go over the Teflon pad while not delivering stones to give better grip while walking on the ice. Shoe are not generally provided by clubs but they will provide a slider that uses an elastic band that can be wrapped around your shoe or simple step on sliders to offer a similar experience while delivering. It is close, but not the same.